Printed Circuit Board Assembly

printed circuit board (PCB) assembly

Both Surface Mount and Conventional printed circuit board assembly services are provided using latest technology tools and equipment. Small to medium size batches are accommodated by TP Matrix’s leading engineers.

  • Full procurement
  • Component kitting
  • PCB baking (eliminates moisture)
  • SMT & conventional assembly
  • Auto and Manual insertion
  • Wave solder
  • PCB Cleaning plant
  • Final inspection

Assembling a printed circuit board requires knowledge, concentration, skill, and steady hands. If even a single component is out of place, the PCB won’t work well and the machine it’s installed in, won’t function. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about faulty performance when you get the PCB assembled by TP Matrix and our expert engineers.

Meticulous Assembly

Our engineers have considerable amount of experience in assembling PCBs in different forms of technology and can put together several circuit boards in a short period of time. We’ve worked with many well-established companies and assembled different kinds of PCBs for them, including:

  • Through-Hole Technology – This mounting scheme is slowly being phased out, but it’s still relatively common. These PCBs require manual assembly because the leads in the components need to be threaded through holes drilled in the board and attached to pads with soldering. This is meticulous work and requires knowledge and experience to ensure its down properly.
  • Surface-Mount Technology – Surface-mount technology is more popular than through-hole mounting scheme because it’s easier to assemble and quite efficient. Both of them require the same printed circuit board but the components used in this are smaller in size. It means you can decrease the size of the circuit board as well.

We can also handle single as well as double-sided placements, fine pitch components, and other such intricate assembly practices.

Careful Baking and Assembly

Everyone knows that moisture is very harmful to circuit boards and it might be completely eliminated to ensure they function well. We bake the PCB carefully and remove all moisture from the board during the assembling process.

We can do both manual and automatic insertion to ensure the quality of the assembled boards lives up to the requirements of our clients. We use the best technology and the best of skills for the process, which is why we’re one of the leading assemblers in the business.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service executives are always willing to help you, and answer your questions. You can contact them with your questions and requests at any time and they’ll guide you and tell give you all the information you need.

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