Apprenticeships to Fill The Skills Gap

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TP Matrix has long recognised the potential negative effects caused by the skills gap in rail engineering. Over the next ten years, the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering (NSARE) has forecast a skills shortage of over 8,000 jobs, specifically in traction and rolling stock. Many highly skilled engineers are set to retire over the same period, it is therefore imperative to attract and nurture young talent with particular focus on encouraging more women to join the profession. The Secretary of State has outlined plans to create more than 30,000 apprenticeship places across the road and rail industry.

TP Matrix has a highly skilled ageing workforce and has introduced an apprenticeship scheme whereby the skilled experienced engineers are training as mentors to the new recruits. Furthermore, the mentors are being incentivised to either delay their planned retirement or return on a part time basis, after all, there are only so many jobs to do at home!

In addition to on the job training, apprentices will attend some of the various training academies now being developed around the country. Chris Morris (Managing Director) recently visited the NTAR (National Training Academy for Rail) next to the Siemens Northampton depot – “This is a fantastic facility with latest high tech teaching equipment including Virtual Reality headsets, the workshop houses the major parts of a train and gives the learner a real insight into the rail engineering sector.” Alstom are currently building an academy in Widnes, set to open in 2017. The good news is, there is funding available for this kind of training which is not limited to school leavers, all ages can get involved, there are even management qualifications centred specifically around rail.

As the rail industry enters a boom period, now is the time to increase apprentice intake.

TP Matrix is actively seeking engineering apprentices and technical sales personnel to enhance their careers in Rolling Stock Electronics, specifically Manufacture, Overhaul and Repair.

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